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Taste a delicious donut today at Jessica's Handmade DonutsAt Jessica's Handmade Donuts, we aren't kidding - each and every donut, delicious pastry and fancy that you will enjoy here is handmade daily. We don't ship in anything frozen and call them fresh. We don't ship them down from another location. These donuts ARE fresh - from the best ingredients, mixed, cut and cooked right here.

Starting early, VERY early, each and every morning, we're busy putting together the best tasting donuts in the area. They're always fresh and they're always going to be delicious. We have a wide selection of donuts and pastries (fancies), many of which are served every day, and some of which are daily and/or seasonal specials.

We invite you to stop by our location at Aversboro and Timber Drive in Garner NC to try one today! Check out all of our delicious donuts, fancies, and learn more about our delicious Community Coffee brewed and served with our great pastries.

What’s Happening

February Donuts Specials

Pączki  are back! We'll have the traditional Polish donuts on Tuesday, February 13. They sell out fast, so you may want to drop by and pre-order this week-end. Donut Valentines We'll have heart shaped donuts on Valentines day. Nothing says I love you like a donut with "Hot Stuff" written on the f … [Read More...]

Daytona Days

Come Celebrate Dayton Days All Weekend Friday, Saturday, & Sunday 2/24, 2/25, & 2/26 Free Plain Glazed if you are wearing your favorite drivers hat or shirt. Register for FREE DOZEN, your choice, if you pick the winner! (Come in for details) … [Read More...]

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Jessica's Handmade Donuts

1863 Aversboro Road
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